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  1. Great hammer of Thor, that is polwefulry helpful!

  2. Intoomafirn is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

  3. Hey hey hey, take a gander at what’ you’ve done

  4. Eau des Merveilles or Kelly Caleche, but I wore L’Eau d’Hiver to bed last night and am quite smitten with it. Of course, I need to wear it some more, but it had that immediate appeal that kept me sniffing my wrist until I was too tired to continue… good stuff!

  5. and Holger,LOL, thanks for providing the “truth” about the swedish book limit, and a much needed WTF followed by a good laugh…OTOH one can never be completely certain with some of the bizarre proposals that comes from Sweden these days… But this one was well over the hill 😉

  6. Jaja, pues entonces exáctamente el mismo recorrido que yo, porque quería decir el Domingo en vez de el Sábado, es que entre tanto día de vacas perdí la cuenta, pero sí, Sábado Portobello y Domingo Camden, jaja. ¿No serías el del iPhone 3Gs, no?? =P

  7. adding further haziness and obfuscationsPerhaps if Nickolaus hadn't gaslighted her by not revealing the epic goof before using her as a prop at the press conference, Kitzinger wouldn't be confused now.

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