LYPA Leadership Positions

The LYPA Steering Council

The LYPA Steering Council serves as the organization’s leadership team and is made up of the following officer positions. Steering Council members serve a one-year term beginning in January and ending in December each year. View the current Steering Council officer bios here.


The President will conduct day-to-day activities involved with leading the Steering Council and act as the face of LYPA at events and meetings. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, attending and leading LYPA events, organizing and leading Steering Council meetings, raising awareness of LYPA in the Lexington community, and keeping the group on track with Association goals. The president will raise awareness of LYPA through a variety of efforts including participation in community events, involvement with community organizations and networking with community leaders.

Vice President (President Elect)

The Vice President (President Elect) will conduct day-to-day activities involved with leading the Steering Council, and act as the face of LYPA at events and meetings along with the President when possible. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, attending and leading LYPA events, organizing and leading Steering Council meetings when the president is unavailable, speaking on behalf of the President when necessary, raising awareness of LYPA in the Lexington community, and keeping the group on track with Association goals. This position will be a one year term with a leadership path to President. As set forth in LYPA’s by-laws, after serving the term as Vice President, this individual will step into the position of President.


The treasurer will oversee the budget and monetary transactions for LYPA. This position is expected to develop an annual budget, maintain a transaction register, document all organization expenses, and provide monthly budget and expense reports to the Steering Council. This position will communicate with the Membership Chair to ensure that all membership dues are up to date and will communicate directly with members regarding dues payments, as well as provide monthly reports on membership payments. The Treasurer will attend all events where money is handled for the organization and will keep both digital and hard copy records for all financial information.


The Secretary will prepare the agendas and keep the minutes of all Steering Council meetings, provide a copy of all meeting minutes to the Steering Council, and be the keeper of the organization records. This position will be responsible for all event and organization photos and ensure they are posted appropriately to all relevant online sources. This position will also perform any other secretary-related duties as assigned by the President.

Membership Committee Chair

The Membership Committee Chair’s goal is to grow the organization while ensuring the membership pool is well balanced and reflective of the surrounding professional community. With both recruitment and retention as priorities, this position will develop the organization’s overall recruitment and retention strategies, provide a balanced program for attracting new members and ensure that a variety of benefits are provided to current members. Responsibilities include organizing new member orientations and recruiting events, taking referrals from existing members, finding new benefits to offer members, and continually networking with community groups where we may recruit prospective new members.

Professional Development Committee Chair

The Professional Development Chair’s goal is to provide professional education to members and encourage career growth by determining areas of interest among Lexington’s young professional community and to provide networking resources. This position will seek to identify opportunities for members to meet with seasoned Lexington business professionals, local non-profit representatives and other professionals and will promote the marketability of LYPA members in the job market and business community. This position is responsible for the oversight and planning of LYPA’s annual Rising Stars event.

Community Involvement Chair

The Community Involvement Committee Chair’s goal is to support LYPA’s mission of bettering our community by providing opportunities for members to offer service to the local community. LYPA works with service organizations to meet the wide range of interests that exist throughout our membership. This position organizes volunteer opportunities, charity fundraisers, and the annual Halloween Party as well as the annual Holiday Party and Toy Drive to benefit the Lexington Firefighters’ Toy Program.

Communications Chair

The Communications Chair oversees the organization’s internal communications with members and manages both the e-newsletter and the website. This position also provides graphic design support and creates promotional print materials as needed. This position is responsible for website maintenance, the organization’s online calendar, and the development and distribution of the e-newsletter and special announcements.

Public Relations Chair

The Public Relations Chair seeks to promote public awareness of LYPA through local media, and to foster effective communication with community media contacts and organizations. This position will develop the organization’s social media plan and oversee all social media updates including posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This position will also ensure that all organization events and opportunities are promoted effectively to appropriate audiences in the local area through various media including community calendars and newsletters.

Community Outreach Chair

The Community Outreach Chair will raise awareness of LYPA among community arts and cultural organizations and, in turn, raise awareness of arts and cultural organizations among LYPA members. This position will work with local arts and cultural organizations to promote their events and to find valuable partnerships for LYPA. This position will organize events and opportunities for members focused on a wide variety of arts and cultural interests.

Special Events Chair

The Special Events Chair will be responsible for maintaining the event calendar on LYPA’s website, working with other Steering Council chairs on their focused events as needed, and setting up monthly member social activities (i.e. Happy Hours For a Cause and other outings). This position will also be responsible for event venue selection and coordination of event logistics as well as setting up and promoting LYPA events on Facebook. Other responsibilities will include but not be limited to keeping a file of event and venue contacts on Google Drive, being the point of contact for outside organizations seeking promotion of their events to LYPA members and setting the annual event calendar.

Fundraising Chair

The Fundraising Chair will be responsible for setting LYPA’s fundraising goals for the year including organizational fundraising as well as charity fundraising. This position will coordinate all sponsorship outreach efforts for acquiring annual and event sponsors. This chair will also coordinate 2-3 major fundraiser events for the year.

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